Die kleine Hofmolkerei

Inghild & Manfred Drews 

The INGA-Fertiger

Do it yourself!

Butter, all sorts of cheese, curds, yoghurt, pasteurized milk with the INGA-plant! The perfect opportunity to consume your own self made milk products, to build up a profitable direct sale. All production steps from the raw milk - possibly including pasteurization- to butter, curds, joghurt or formed and pressed cheese in just one machine.

Economic data:

Out of 35 litres of milk you can produce 3,3 kg of hard cheese types e.g. emmen-thal or 3,6 kg of slightly pressed cheese like e.g. gouda or 4,1 kg of blue cheese or 0,9 kg of butter + 7 kg of curds.
From 20 litres of milk you can exploit 2,5 kg soft cheese e.g. camembert or 2,5 kg cream-cheese + 6 litres of semi skimmed milk.

The ranking list of profitability for the different milk products is as following: 1. Joghurt 2. soft cream-cheese 3. Camembert and Blue cheese 4. white cheese like e.g. Feta or Mozarella 5. red soft cheese as e.g. Munster or Limburger 6. curds 7. hard and semi hard cheese 8. butter has generally the lowest profitability. Due to the connection of all production steps in one machine you have low working and cleaning effords. The price for the complete standard equipment is without taxes and freight 1727 Euro.

Technical data

Maximum capacity of 35 litres milk. All parts having contact with milk are made out of niro-steel. The outside of the container is out of plastic. The machine requires for the water cooling a connection to a water tub. The heating is a thermostat controlled electrical water heating, 1800 Watt, 230 Volt, VDE-certificated, CE approved.

A book which includes the recipes of all milk products and describes the processes step-by-step on 162 pages helps every non-professional to produce perfect milk products.

A first impression of the INGA-Fertiger is demonstarted in the video.

Short summary of main production steps


INGA Fertiger